Human Resource Management

JCT Business Solutions are the key to attracting and retaining great staff which will help you grow and develop your business.

JCT Business Solutions offers expertise in a range of Human Resource Management areas. Our philosophy is to partner with you to drive business improvement through your people. Using your organisational specific competencies and values as our foundation, we customize our solutions by drawing upon our HR Management experience and a range of human resource tools.

JCT Business Solutions are able to assist your organisation across a range of human resource areas including:

  • Strategic, tactical and operational HR planning linked to business outcomes.
  • Undertake organisational structure reviews to identify opportunities to re-align resources with future business directions and resourcing realities.
  • Managing difficult or complex employment situations. We can provide advice and assistance to employers when they are confronted with urgent or difficult employment related circumstances.
  • Corporate governance reviews.
  • Review and/or redesign of your organisations establishment structure, to facilitate efficient and effective financial,    delegation and workforce planning outcomes.
  • Development and review of work level standards and classification structures.
  • HR policy & procedures review and development across all HR practice areas, including the development and alignment of policies to support your Enterprise Agreement implementation strategy.
  • Performance Management system development and review.


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