Self-Directed RTO Start up

This option is intended for clients with some vocational education and training experience or clients working with a pre-determined budget. Why not allocate resources where they are most effective? Outsource the development of your RTO registration documentation to JCT Business Solutions. We offer step by step assistance to get you started and help streamline this challenging exercise.

Our self-directed service includes one (1) day face to face consultation at your premises to assist with the compilation of the required supporting evidence and lodgement of the ASQAnet online RTO initial registration application form.

Our set fee policy is designed to help with your budget and financial planning. You and your team will work closely with Janine Temple to complete the registration process.

Self-Directed Inclusions:

  • Face to Face Consultation: Face to Face consultation at your premises on one (1) occasion for one (1) day. Step by Step assistance with your application process. You are supported and guided by our consultant who not only directs you through the process, but also coaches you to have a clear understanding of the requirements to run your RTO once registered.
  • Project Plan: Mutually agreed project plan detailing the role of all stakeholders from inception to registration.
  • Step by Step RTO set up Checklist: Detailed RTO set up Checklist for you to follow when completing your application to make sure you stay on track are fully prepared and that nothing is overlooked.
  • Telephone and Email Support: We will also help you with your application (via telephone and email) for up to an additional 6 hours support. We will provide you with the guidance on how to integrate and apply the requirements of the Standards for Nationally Registered RTOs (SNR) within your business environment.
  • Quality Management and Operational Framework for your RTO set up: This is customised and contextualised to your training business. Our system includes supporting templates, forms, pro-formas, web links and resources hyperlinked to the SNR have to create an integrated system. This is essential for your application’s success, avoiding costly mistakes and saving your valuable time.
  • Development of Training and Assessment Strategies: We will provide you with assistance for the development of training and assessment strategies for each qualification you will offer. Including explanation to gather industry consultation and to conduct the assessment validation process.
  • AVETMISS data system recommendations: Guidance and recommendation’s to select the appropriate AVETMISS compliance data management system.


Exclusions – what’s NOT included?

Development of Assessment Resources
It is often difficult to compare ‘apples with apples’ when you are seeking to purchase and / or develop assessment resources. We can assist you to source the most appropriate approach to training and assessment for your training business – based on your industry.

Business Plan and Financial Projections
While writing a business plan, developing financial projections and preparing a budget are required as part of your RTO initial registration application, it is simply good business to take these steps before entering into any new business venture. JCT Business Solutions will provide professionally developed templates and guidelines to assist with these steps but ultimately this work must be completed by you; the client in consultation with your accountant.

# Need assistance with writing your business plan? You can include this option for an additional fee.

Data Management System
Registered Training Organisations are required to use a data management system that meets AVETMISS reporting requirements.

The Next Step
When you decide to move forward we will prepare a mutually agreed project plan. This will include scheduling our face to face program.

Once your application is submitted to ASQA the time line for your initial registration audit begins. We should allow an average of 12 to 14 weeks until the auditor makes contact to arrange the audit date. The work we need to do together can be achieved within this time frame, which means we will have everything ready for the auditors when they arrive.

In order to make the most informed decision possible, you should read and review the registration process, requirements and guidelines at:

JCT Business Solutions will prepare the initial application with you and customise the templates and documents and importantly develop your skills and knowledge so that you are able to maintain the required standards once you have your RTO registration.