Attracting the right person for a position will save you time and money.

Detailed Job Descriptions enable an organisation to identify what the role requires and the skills needed to perform the role, but the recruitment process, if handled incorrectly, can be expensive and time consuming.

A poorly worded or misplaced advertisement can attract the wrong people to your door and in today’s employment climate you need to be as specific as possible to reduce the number of inappropriate applicants. JCT Business Solutions can manage your complete recruitment process for all corporate support and commercial personnel. We provide clients with support and guidance throughout the whole process. This includes assistance with the creation of client advertisements and ensuring that they are placed in the most appropriate media. Assistance is also provided to short-list and interview potential applicants, conduct reference checks or simply provide a second opinion.

JCT Business Solutions will provide a timeline of events to aid the smooth management of the recruitment process, thereby ensuring that all applicants are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.