Platinum – Full RTO Service

Our Platinum registration process is “hands on”, comprehensive and structured to streamline this often complex and challenging exercise. Our set fee policy is designed to help with your budget and financial planning. You and your team will work closely with Janine Temple to complete the registration process. Janine will evaluate your assessment strategies, training materials, human resource requirements, data base system and much more.

Importantly, Janine’s goal is to coach and empower you and your team to manage your growth, develop your people, improve processes, increase profitability and implement an effective culture of continuous improvement. The ongoing viability and sustained growth of our clients is foremost in the business philosophy of JCT Business Solutions.

Platinum Inclusions:

  • Face to Face Consultation: Face to Face consultation at your premises on three (3) occasions for two (2) days on each visit. Step by Step assistance with your application process.You are supported and guided by Janine who not only directs you through the process, but coaches you to have a clear understanding of how to run your RTO once registered.
  • Project Plan: Mutually agreed project plan detailing the role of all stakeholders from inception to registration.
  • Step by Step RTO Set Up Checklist: A detailed RTO set up Checklist for you to follow when completing your application to make sure you stay on track, are fully prepared and that nothing is overlooked.
  • Telephone and Email Support: We will also help you with your application (via telephone and email as required) throughout the whole process.We will provide you with the guidance on how to integrate and apply the requirements of the Standards for Nationally Registered RTOs (SNR) within your business environment.
  • Quality Management and Operational Framework for your RTO Set Up: Is customised and contextualised to your training business. Our system includes supporting templates, forms, pro-formas, web links and resources hyperlinked to the SNR’s to create an integrated system. This is essential for your application’s success, avoiding costly mistakes and saving you valuable time.
  • Developing a Business Plan: Writing a Business Plan is required as part of your RTO initial application process. JCT Business Solutions will work with you to develop your Business Plan to ensure it meets all the requirements of starting a successful business and that is aligned to your strategic goals.
  • Conduct Self-Assessment Audit: Your application for RTO registration requires that you undertake a self-assessment audit for submission to ASQA in the first stage of the application. We will complete this audit for you and document the findings in accordance with ASQA’s current requirements.
  • Development of Training and Assessment Strategies: We will provide you with assistance for the development of training and assessment strategies for each qualification you will offer. This will include an explanation to gather industry consultation and to conduct the assessment validation process.
  • Review of Assessment Tools: Every application requires you to demonstrate that you have assessment tools ready for all units to be offered. We will review two (2) assessments against the current standards and provide feedback and coaching as required. We will also provide advice, coaching to understand the principles of assessment design, assessment validation and competency based training so you can develop your own assessment resources on an ongoing basis.
  • Prepare and Submit your Application: We will prepare your initial application for submission to ASQA or your state regulator (for Victoria and WA) to ensure that all required evidence is submitted and your application is complete and ready for the initial ASQA audit.
  • Assistance Following Initial ASQA Audit: Should any documents, created by JCT Business Solutions, require rectifying following the audit, we will action these. JCT Business Solutions will interpret the ASQA audit report and assist you in identifying what further action is needed.


Exclusions – what’s NOT included?

Development of Assessment Resources

It is often difficult to compare ‘apples with apples’ when you are seeking to purchase and/or develop assessment resources. We can assist you to source the most appropriate approach to training and assessment for your training business – based on your industry.

Financial Projections

While developing financial projections and preparing a budget are required as part of your RTO initial registration application, it is simply good business to take these steps before entering into any new business venture. JCT Business Solutions will provide professionally developed templates and guidelines to assist with these steps but ultimately this work must be completed by you; the client in consultation with your accountant.

Data Management System

RTO’s are required to use a data management system that meets AVETMISS reporting requirements. JCT Business Solutions will provide guidance and recommendations to select an appropriate system but this investment is not included.

If you would like more information regarding our RTO setup service throughout Australia please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0412 425 373.