RTO Policies & Procedures

Is it time to update your current system to 
the latest standards? Does your current RTO compliance system need to be ‘revitalised’? Or is it too complex and not at all ‘user friendly’?

Our Quality Management and Operational Manual is customised and contextualised to your training business. Our system goes much further as we include supporting templates, pro-formas, web links and reference resources hyper linked to create an integrated system.

Policies are supported by easy to follow operating procedures which are benchmarked with industry “best practice” that is   recognised to deliver quality training and assessment outcomes and compliance.

This quality management system has demonstrated compliance with the Essential Standards for Initial and Continuing          Registration many times over. This Quality Management manual is supplied via email as an MS Word file customised to your RTO operations.

Benefits of this system includes:

  • A unique and innovative approach to compliance documentation
  • Provides you with the governance arrangements and framework to manage your RTO
  • Is compliant with the VET National Quality Framework
  • Policy arrangements align with the SNR standards
  • Is structured as a genuine operational management system and is not just for compliance
  • Includes participant handbook
  • Hyper links from the main document to:
    • SNR Standards, referenced against the respective section of the main document
    • Supporting templates i.e. feedback forms, staff qualification matrix
    • Relevant VET sector publications
  •  Web links and references to essential VET sector websites
  • A detailed index for quick reference
  • Colour coding for ease of application
  • Inclusion on the JCT Business Solutions database to receive updates and news





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