Initial RTO Registration


Establishing a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Looking to start an RTO?

The process of completing an initial RTO registration can be overwhelming and confusing. There are a number of regulations and legislative frameworks that affect RTO registration, operation and RTO management which you must be aware of and demonstrate compliance with during the registration process.

JCT Business Solutions can ease the burden of the set-up process by providing you with our specialised expertise and knowledge. We will work with you throughout the process, supporting you in preparation, during audit, through your initial RTO registration period and beyond.

We can provide any level of service you require. We can manage the entire set-up process or simply provide advice when you need it most.

We can also assist with:

  • Your strategic and/or business plan
  • Industry and marketing advice
  • Course development and industry consultation
  • Developing business systems, including your RTO policies and procedures and supporting documents
  • Human resource management, staffing and RTO recruitment
  • Marketing
  • Recommending and assisting to implement an AVETMISS-compliant student management system.
  • Budget planning
  • Funding applications

If you’re thinking about taking the next steps towards setting up an RTO but need some advice, guidance or friendly support to get you there, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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