About Us

JCT Business Solutions is a management consulting organisation to help improve overall business performance. We are a solutions provider that understands how to build trusting client partnerships based on developing a strong understanding of our clients business, strategic and operational challenges. We help our clients improve team performance, leadership and meet customer expectations, as well as resolve workplace conflict and reduce soaring business costs. With over 17 years’ experience specialising in Business Planning, HR, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Conflict Resolution, our Director Janine Temple has a proven track record of taking ordinary businesses and turning them into extraordinary successes.

Are You Looking For:

Professional, accurate and timely advice on all areas of your business including marketing and sales, financials, day-to-day operations and staffing issues (motivating staff retention strategies and profiling).

  • Help to prepare your business for sale from developing exit strategies and systemising through to capital raising
  • Thorough examination of your current business goals, strategies, systems, procedures and plans in order to increase efficiency and productivity and decrease costs and duplicated efforts
  • A highly experienced business developer on call to help deal with the real issues, delivering answers to questions when you need it
  • Weekly consulting with allocated hours to use when you require, with face to face meetings, onsite visits, phone and email support
  • A highly experienced business developer on call to help deal with the real issues, delivering answers to questions when you need it
  • First class training in winning negotiation skills, innovative customer service, conflict resolution and sales

Our methods are simple and straightforward, but very effective. We help you manage the level of growth that you want through effective people management; targeted marketing; efficient process development and accurate financial reporting.

We will help you to prioritise the issues, develop your business plan aligned to your strategic goals and then apply our knowledge and experience to identify and implement the optimum solutions.

Our practical approach to consulting allows us to turn strategy into action!

As well as our general business consultancy, JCT Business Solutions also focusses on assisting both established Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) and those looking to register and set up as an RTO.

We are dedicated to providing cost effective support and solutions to RTO’s and we have significant experience in leading RTO organisations as well as assisting and guiding others through the regulatory challenges to either gain or retain registration as an RTO. We offer various packages tailored to suit the level of assistance you may require.

Our experience and results indicate that our clients have improved quality, performance and compliance when using our products and/or services.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We will not ‘close-off’ an assignment until you are completely satisfied that the work that was committed to in the proposal has been delivered in full. Our objective is to have every client prepared to recommend our work.

Strategic Direction and Practical Action – Tailored to Your Business

Strategy into action – You will find that the solutions we recommend are aligned to your strategy but importantly, they are ready for implementation.

Your business should be both fun and profitable, and we look for this in our relationship with our clients.

Our Vision

To provide practical, solutions based advice, products and services that will enable our clients to achieve their desired outcomes and become independent and self-sufficient with a strong in-built culture of continuous improvement.

Whatever your business goals and needs are, JCT Business Solutions have a range of services to get your business performing at an optimum level.

Contact us today on 0412 425 373 to find out how your business can be more profitable, or easier to sell!